Care and wear of the best Engagement rings


Engagement rings have been the symbolic epitome of love since times ancient. It is known that in early Egypt, rings were worn on the third finger of the left hand because it marked where the "vein of love" went straight to the heart, which started a tradition that is followed even today. Hence when someone proposes using their unique engagement ring to a pledge of their love, they’re starting their own family tradition.

There are many kinds of rings one can buy , but while shopping ruby engagement rings there is one important factor that should be considered , which is – the quality of the centre store. Glamira selectively chooses handpicked crown quality conflict-free ruby stones that are then handled by experts for the finest of cuts. Ruby is known to ignite desire. Its gallant red hue is the essential nature of passion. Best designers are put together to make proper use of the handpicked gems and create the best wedding rings. Similarly emerald engagement rings are enchanting with their vivid grass green hue. And sapphire engagement rings take your breath away due to their essence of purity. Other stones include the classic diamond engagement rings.

Apart from rings available on different gemstones, rings based on division of their bands include – gold engagement rings, platinum wedding rings , and palladium wedding rings.

How to care your way to everlasting engagement rings?

To clean the rings use mild dishwashing soap, along with the use of a baby soft brush to dust off the ring, in between cervices.  Most importantly don't pull on the main gemstone, even though this doesn’t affect the gemstone, in time it expands the metal that holds the stone, increasing the chances of misplacing the stone from its centre piece holder, making it loose.

Also be careful of places you remove your ring at , for example when removing the ring to wash hands , never leave the ring on the rim of the sink , we all know many horror stories of it slipping down the drain.

All  ruby engagement rings , emerald engagement  rings and sapphire engagement rings are designed to be passed down for generations to come, finely and expertly crafted by hand in the United Kingdom to be especially delivered with free shipping

Very selective stores currently have the special white gold engagement rings which can be trusted to be of white gold.