Traditional and Timeless Diamond Rings to Suit your Style


Radiant shaped diamonds are stunning alternative to princess and cushion diamonds for those who prefer a rectangular shape in the white gold engagement rings.

Emerald engagement rings can be made by step-cut emerald stone with an array of glittering tiny diamonds. If you want to have a sleek and elegant appearance, the choose one of the sapphire engagement rings.

The sparkling round diamonds look best on the wedding rings but they are more transparent. You can also try marquise, oval or pear-shaped diamonds as they are available in most distinctive shapes.

Choose size and colour of the gem:

To choose the right size of the gem is very important. Within your budget you can choose the size and quality of gem which you when it comes to choose traditional engagement rings, diamonds must be the choice for both the bride and groom. The diamonds on the rings makes them classic and timeless as being the most popular and most durable kind of canter gem in rings.

Fancy shapes of gems you can choose:

The gold engagement rings can carry princess cut diamonds by giving the rings a contemporary look. The rings look gorgeous in classic and geometric settings.

The rose gold engagement rings offer the brilliance of a round brilliant cut diamond at very affordable price. You can have cushion cut diamonds which are an ideal choice for vintage-inspired style.

The most important characteristic of a diamond is the cutting of the stone. If the gem is not properly cut it will look dull and lifeless. So, for different diamond shapes check to have the best cut. For engagement rings, round brilliant cut diamond is an ideal choice.

Other main quality characteristic of a ring is to decide the colour and clarity of your gemstone. While many people prefer colourless sparkling white diamond, you can prefer gemstones like sapphire, emerald and ruby to bring rich and fresh colours in the ring.

Bands to complete your look at the wedding:

While it is very important to choose the best wedding ring, it is also important to choose the best wedding bands. The vintage half-hoop wedding bands made by gold or platinum will make your wedding look complete. You can try rose-cut diamond eternity bands or simple designer bands or sparkling bands too.

So, shop online and check out the entire wedding jewellery collection at Glamira.